Buhari’s uppity is insulting to Nigerians.

Written by on May 21, 2016

SUCCESSIVE  Nigerian leaders have either been utterly  inept or woefully visionless, or both. But none combined incompetence with brazen arrogance. Except President Buhari. He is intolerably inept and unbelievably arrogant! Buhari’s ineptitude is recognised globally. Recently, the international consulting group, Eurasia, said in its 2019 Top Risk Report that Buhari “lacks  the energy, creativity or political savvy to move the needle on Nigeria’s most intractable problems”. His stubbornness and arrogance are legendary too.

A British newspaper, Telegraph, once described Buhari as a “Headmasterly figure”, alluding to his didactic, “my way or the highway” approach to governance. In a recently leaked tape, Rotimi Amaechi, the Transport minister, said: “The president doesn’t listen to anybody. He doesn’t care”. Indeed, Buhari’s wife, Aisha, said as much. Referring to her husband, she told the BBC in 2016: “Sometimes, when one is doing something wrong and people talk to them, they should listen”. But what was Buhari’s response? He said: “I can claim superior knowledge over her and the rest of the opposition because, in the end, I have succeeded”.

That hubristic sense of “superior knowledge” has defined Buhari’s presidency. He has shown   it in his idiosyncratic running of the economy, and in his insensitive handling of issues of national unity and social cohesion, such as his tacit support for the killer herdsmen and his lopsided, nepotistic appointments. I mean, consider his government’s recent ill-judged, ill-timed and insensitive attempt to remove and replace the Chief Justice of Nigeria on allegations of false asset declaration. Just a month before a general election! But leaving those aside, my focus here is on two seemingly symbolic gestures of Buhari’s uppity. Have you noticed the APC’s new two four-fingered sign? President Buhari started it when he raised two four-fingered hands in the National Assembly while presenting the 2019 budget. The picture went viral, and the sign has now replaced the broom in Buhari’s re-election campaign. You may ask: why am I focusing on this sign? Well, two reasons. First, the use of the sign in a self-entitled manner to suggest four more years is presumptuous and arrogant. Buhari’s presidency is internationally adjudged a failure. Just one year into his presidency, the cry across the country was: “This is not the change we voted for”. That sense of despondency remains today. A president seeking re-election in those circumstances should show humility. Instead, Buhari and his supporters are arrogantly raising two four-fingered hands at Nigerians. It is insensitive and provocative!

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